1. Partners in Crime (05/04/08)
  2. The Fires of Pompeii (12/04/08)
  3. Planet of the Ood (19/04/08)
  4. The Sontaran Stratagem (26/04/08)
  5. The Poison Sky (03/05/08)
  6. The Doctor’s Daughter (10/05/08)
  7. The Unicorn and the Wasp (17/05/08)
  8. Silence in the Library (31/05/08)
  9. Forest of the Dead (07/06/08)
  10. Midnight (14/06/08)
  11. Turn Left (21/06/08)
  12. The Stolen Earth (28/06/08)
  13. Journey’s End (05/07/08)

Seriously though, the Peter Capaldi/Colin Baker parallels are pretty astounding


  • Both were on the show before they got cast as the Doctor
  • Both share a name with a previous Dr. Who actor
  • Both are following the youngest actor to have played the role up to that time
  • Both did so in the year following a major anniversary for the show
  • Hell if you want to do the math: 25th anniversary x2= 50th anniversary while 6th Doctor x2= 12th Doctor
  • They’re both starting out with a companion whose relatively new to the show (not even a full season/series)
  • Both are being portrayed as more volatile than their more easy-going predecessors 
  • Both are the second Doctor to be cast in the role by their respective executive producers

Honestly the only real difference I can think of: Peter Capaldi asked for a dark coat and got dark coat. Colin Baker asked for a dark coat and


Colin Baker’s Doctor made his debut after the 20th anniversary, this whole post is BUSTED. #jokes

I’ve said this before, I think all the multiple of three Doctors (Pertwee, C. Baker, Eccleston and seemingly Capaldi) have been portrayed as somewhat more serious Doctors. Plus Hartnell, which is 3^0…that last point I made was perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve said here.